What is the best massage for you ?

The best massage is the most effective method to meet the real needs of the massaged person.

The choice of the best massage is essentially based on the choice of massage techniques to be applied, the massage products to be used, the availability of the massaged person, the price of the massage as well as the physical and mental virtues of it.

Best massage: how to choose the best option ?

The best massage can be determined after the analysis of several parameters. The ideal massage is the technique that best meets the client’s needs. To guide the choice, the massager must take into account:

  • The quality of the masseur (professional masseur, amateur masseur).
  • The type of massage that can meet your expectations (wellbeing massage, relaxation massage, cellulite massage, etc.)/
  • Used massage products.
  • Options offered (home massage, massage in a massage parlour, massage in the workplace).
  • The length of the session.
  • The price of massage.

What is the best massage according to your needs?

The best massage, apart from the above mentioned criteria, must be chosen primarily according to the needs of the patient. All massages generally have therapeutic virtues and provide similar benefits. Here is a summary table to help you find the ideal massage.

  • Shiatsu massage The head, shoulders, arm, back, back, legs, feet 30 minutes to 1 hour Restoring the energetic balance of the body
  • Reflexology The head, hands, feet, face, toes 45 minutes Act at a distance to the proper functioning of the body.
  • Thai Massage Complete massage 1 hour Balancing the energy flow and preventing diseases
  • Oriental massage Muscles and nerve endings 1 hour Relax and relax muscles.
  • Ayurvedic massage Complete massage 45 to 120 minutes Detoxify the body and eliminate nervous tension.
  • Complete massage 60 to 120 minutes to promote the awakening of the senses.
  • Balinese massage Massage from head to toe. 1 hour Tonify the body by stimulating the energetic points.
  • Korean Relaxation Massage from head to toe. 1 hour Relax the body and eliminate stress.
  • California Massage Complete 1 hour massage Eliminate physical and psychological tension.
  • Swedish massage Muscles and joints. 1 hour Oxygenate blood and strengthen muscles.
  • Sitting massage The upper part of the body 20 to 40 minutes Eliminate physical and psychological disorders related to work.