Seated massage

Seated massage is a quick therapeutic massage against stress.

Among the different types of massage such as Korean relaxation, Balinese massage, Asian massage (Shiatsu massage and reflexology), Oriental massage, Thai massage, Ayurvedic massage, California massage, Kashmir massage, and Swedish massage, the seated massage is one of the shortest.

The sitting massage, commonly known as Amma massage or chair massage, is particularly suitable for people suffering from stress at work. Its beneficial effects are thus physical and psychological. Its principle is to relieve by touch.

What is sitting massage?

Seated massage was born in the United States in 1980 on the initiative of David Palmer. Two years later, the first Amma Massage School appeared, led by David Palmer himself, a disciple of Japanese Takashi Nakamura, and who was the first to try this new massage technique in a sitting position.

Seated massage is similar to the traditional Japanese acupressure art of the Amma. Shiatsu massage, Swedish massage, chiropractic and reflexology have some similarities with some of the techniques of sitting massage. It aims to release energy by stimulating muscles, joints and meridians.

Conduct of a chair massage session

A seated massage is the shortest session of the massage, since it only lasts about 15 minutes. It can be carried out in any place, but requires the use of a specially designed chair. In the office or any other public place, the practice of sitting massage is common. It also requires no massage oil and is applied to a fully clothed person.

The movements applied follow a determined order according to the kata (pressures, percussion, stretching and sweeping). The practitioner targets the acupuncture points in particular to help the patient relax.

The sit-down massage has been developed to make massage accessible from a financial point of view and possible for a short time, so an energy balance is not required. Only a series of specific questions are asked to ensure that the client is not fasting, pregnant, under medical treatment or has no painful location.

The seated massage starts from the shoulders to the back, then from the neck to the hips, then from the arms to the hands, and finally upwards towards the head. It does not touch the legs, unlike a complete Amma massage which takes care of the whole body and is practiced in a lying position.

Sitting massage: for what benefits?

The seated massage is intended to release the accumulation of energy flow in certain parts of the body. His practice thus opens the way to many benefits such as

  • Deep muscle relaxation.
  • Total internal well-being.
  • Tonicity and vigour.
  • Renewal of the body’s energy resources.
  • A calming and relaxing effect.
  • Relief from stress and fatigue.
  • Revitalization of the senses and mind.
  • Relief of muscular pains.
  • Improvement of concentration and oxygenation of the body.