How to make a self-massage

Among the many massage techniques that exist, one of the simplest to set up is the do-in which consists in massaging oneself.

However, to benefit from all the benefits of this technique, it is important to know how to perform a correct self-massage.

Zoom on self-massage and do-in

Do-in is a special self-massage technique based on the principle of Chinese energetic energy, such as acupuncture and especially shiatsu (digitopuncture).

This massage not only relaxes the muscles and relaxes the joints, like most massages, but it also offers the possibility of releasing physical energy and promoting its circulation throughout the body.
The exercises suggested below can be practiced in a quarter of an hour, preferably in the morning before the shower, to energize your body. Ideally, they should be done in order, with each exercise being repeated three times.

Note: Avoid this self-massage if you are ill.

Refill your hands

Remember this sequence (which we will signal by indicating “Reload your hands”):

  • Rub your palms together with your hands.
  • Throw your arms behind you once.
  • Rest relaxed hands on your thighs.
  • Inhale and exhale and then repeat these movements twice.

With these few gestures, you recharge your hands energetically. They are to be practiced after having massaged each part of the body, but they are also interesting to practise at any time, whenever you wish.
Relaxing self-massage techniques will follow those of dynamization. They are to be practiced at the end of the day in order to relax you.

Prepare a self-massage of the hands

  • Get on your knees, sitting on your heels, with the right foot resting on your left foot (you can place a cushion under your buttocks or sit on a chair if the position is too difficult to hold).
  • Keep your back straight.
  • Tighten your palms tightly with your hands against each other at navel height while exhaling deeply.
  • Breathe in and stretch your arms upwards, palms facing upwards.
  • Take your hands against each other and repeat this sequence three or four times in a row.

Do self-massage of hands and upper limbs

  • Stretch out your left arm right in front of you.
  • Using your right fist, tap the back of your left hand and then go up from the wrist to the shoulder.
  • Tap the inner side of the arm, forearm, wrist and hand to get down.
  • Repeat twice more before changing arms to do the same thing on the right side.
  • Reload your hands.

Carry out a self-massage of the head and face

  • Tap your head with your fists (or only one) from the center and describe a spiral. Make sure you don’t omit any areas of the skull.
  • Using the tip of your ten fingers, rub your forehead from top to bottom about ten times (avoid pressing too hard to avoid giving yourself a headache).
  • Massage your temples with the pulp of your fingers, making small circles.
  • Massage your eyebrows gently following their curve.
  • Massage from the root of the nose over the cheekbones (exercise sufficient pressure) from the root of the nose.
  • With the index fingers and middle fingers, rub the wings of the nose up and down about ten times.
  • Using all your fingers, rub your cheeks up and down a dozen times.
  • On the chin, rub towards the outside.
  • Place your fingers apart on both sides of the ears (thumb and forefinger behind, other fingers in front) and rub vigorously upwards about ten times.
  • Hands flat behind your head (at the top of the neck) rub the base of the skull with horizontal movements.
  • Reload your hands.

Carry out a self-massage of the shoulders

  • Pull your shoulders upwards as much as possible while breathing in deeply.
  • As you breathe out, let the shoulders fall back and release them as much as possible.
  • Repeat these movements three times.
  • Tap the left trapeze with your right fist about ten times and then reverse (tap the right shoulder with your left fist).
  • Grasp your left trapeze with your right hand (stallion of the hand in front, just above the collarbone, and fingers behind) and gently knead the muscle about ten times and then reverse (left hand on the right trapeze).
  • Then make wide circles with shoulders, arms crossed on chest.
  • Reload your hands.

Carry out a self-massage of the thorax

  • Tap your fists on your chest from top to bottom.
  • At the bottom, tap the flanks and then the lumbar area (lower back).
  • Repeat these movements ten times.
  • Close your fist and massage the navel area in a circle.
  • Reload your hands.

Practice self-massage of the legs

  • Sit with your legs spread apart and slightly bent.
  • Fists closed, tap on the side of your legs from hips to feet.
  • Pump up from the ankles to the hips, this time on the inner side of the lower limbs.
  • Repeat these actions three times.


  • Self-massage can also be used in the evening to relax rather than in the morning to energize.
  • Rub your hands warmly and then place them in a hollow on your closed eyes.
  • Leave them in place for a minute.
  • Stand upright and place your hand at the solar plexus (one ribbon of hand above the navel).
  • Massage this area gently for three minutes.Note: you can massage this area with an essential oil of Lavender or Roman Chamomile.
  • Sitting, massage your legs from bottom to top (from feet to hips).
  • Repeat these actions three times.
  • Knead your thighs with your hands.
  • Repeat these movements three times.