California massage

California massage is a relaxing discipline whose effect is equal to that of a Swedish massage or other types of wellness massage.

Along with Korean relaxation, Balinese massage, Asian massage (Shiatsu massage and reflexology), Oriental massage, Thai massage, Ayurvedic massage, Swedish massage, seated massage, and Kashmir massage, Californian massage is among the most common types of massage.

California massage is a sensitive and relational work. Based mainly on brushing techniques, it is an exercise in sensitivity and re-appropriation of the body.

California Massage: What is it?

California massage, also known as Esalen massage, was created in early 1970 during a psychotherapy group session in California, USA.

The development of codes and structures for California massage prior to its expansion in France and the United States was initiated by Margareth Elke, a former Swedish massage practitioner.

California massage is a standard relaxation massage in spas and wellness centers. It is best practiced between partners, through great gentle movements, listening to the skin and the sensitivity of the body. This massage is essentially made up of an apprenticeship in the art of touch to provide the body with well-being and relaxation.

California massage is mainly focused on three parts of the body:

  • Bust massage.
  • Belly massage.
  • Back massage.

Procedure of an Esalen massage session

A California massage session lasts an average of one hour. It is practiced on a carpet directly on the floor to encourage stretching, stroking and pressure movements. The practitioner uses perfumed oils to facilitate his movements of a great softness and often, a first contact session is carried out between him and the patient in order to establish the confidence which guarantees the effectiveness of the massage.

California massage: for what benefits?

California massage acts on several levels: mind, body and emotion. It has many benefits such as

  • A better psychological balance.
  • The elimination of negative states such as anxiety, tension, anxiety and stress.
  • A better knowledge and acceptance of his body.
  • Relaxation of the muscles and the whole body.