Balinese massage

Balinese massage is a type of massage with double effect: therapeutic and aesthetic.

Balinese massage differs from Asian massage (shiatsu massage and reflexology) from oriental massage, Thai massage, Ayurvedic massage, Korean relaxation, Californian massage, Swedish massage, seated massage, and Kashmir massage by its undeniable action on fat masses.

Sensibly identical to Ayurvedic massage, Balinese massage is both an aesthetic massage to burn calories and a therapeutic massage against stress. But to benefit from it, it is advisable to have the opinion of a certified physiotherapist masseur.

What is Balinese massage?

Balinese massage is an ancestral practice from Bali in Indonesia. His techniques combine those of Indian, Chinese, Indonesian and mainly Ayurvedic massages.

Based on the same principle as Ayurvedic massage, Balinese massage also aims to balance 3 elements: air, water and fire.

It acts through the Marmas (vital points) on the 3 systems represented by these 3 elements: the nervous system, the digestive system and the hormonal system.

How a Balinese massage session unfolds

A Balinese massage session lasts one hour on average. The practitioner uses essential oils from sandalwood, jasmine or ylang-ylang. The applied movements aim to combine softness, relaxation, tonus and energy: kneading, effleurage, touch and roll, percussion, digitopuncture…

Each session is generally divided into 2 parts:

  • The first part, consisting of light caresses, kneading and friction by the thumbs, hands and forearms all over the body, is intended to tone and energize the body.
  • A second part, called awakening, allows the seated patient to perform light stretches and a kind of acupressure for a deep relaxation of the body.

Balinese massage: for what benefits?

The main benefit that Balinese massage brings is harmony and a perfect balance between body and mind. More precisely, the beneficial effects of Balinese massage are:

  • Smoother and more supple skin.
  • A revitalized and energized body.
  • Relaxed muscles.
  • Good humor.
  • The disappearance of lumbar pains.
  • Provides harmony between the physical and mental.
  • Evacuates fatigue and tension.
  • Weight loss by drainage.