Asian massage, definition & benefits

Invigorating, energizing and relaxing, Asian massage relieves joint pain and promotes the energetic balance of body and mind for a better functioning of the organs.

Asian massage differs from Thai massage, Oriental massage, Ayurvedic massage, Ayurvedic massage, Kashmir massage, Balinese massage, Korean relaxation, Californian massage, Swedish massage and seated massage by the notion of projecting certain parts of the body on specific points of the body.

Asian massage: what is it?

The objective in Asian massage is the re-harmonization of the circulation of energy through the stimulation of certain strategic points of the body. Each area of the body thus contains specific points in relation to the organs, which can help relieve them or improve their functioning.

Depending on the area treated, Asian massage can be carried out using firm movements and techniques aimed at relieving muscular tension by unwinding them vigorously to eliminate stress and feelings of fatigue.

Inspired by acupressure and the method of digitopuncture, Asian massage is effective in eliminating common aches and pains and problems related to anxiety and fatigue. It is an effective alternative to bring a maximum of well-being to the body and mind.

Asian massage: the main types of massage

Among the most famous Asian massages are Shiatsu massage and reflexology.

Shiatsu massage

Shiatsu massage is practiced on the ground using a futon or a tatami. The gestures are often quite firm and hard and are used to loosen the muscular knots caused by anxiety, fatigue and stress.

The goal is always the same in the different forms of Asian massage. The aim is to restore the body’s energetic balance and to bring to the patient tonus, vitality and well-being both physical and mental by stimulating reflex points along the meridians.


Reflexology bases its theory on the idea that the whole body is reflected on certain parts of the body, such as the feet, hands and face. It is therefore possible to reach the organs at a distance to relieve them or restore the balance of the good functioning of the organism.

This method is known for its ability to activate the healing powers of each individual by harmonizing the energetic flow and stimulating the natural defences by the touch and massage of the reflex zones of the body.

Asian massage : what benefits?

The benefits of Asian massage are multiple. It mainly allows to:

  • To relieve the pains and the various evils from which the organism suffers.
  • To balance the functioning of the organs and contribute to the fluidity of the energetic circulation.
  • Relieve stress, fatigue and anxiety.
  • Relax the muscles and provide total relaxation of the body.
  • Provide complete physical and mental well-being.
  • Eliminate negative tensions and emotions.
  • Remove impurities and toxins.
  • Initiate self-healing ability.
  • Treat sleep disorders.
  • To bring, tone and vitality.
  • Improve blood and lymphatic circulation.

Asian massage: the precautions to take

Each type of Asian massage (shiatsu massage and reflexology) requires special precautions related to the zone worked and the points stimulated. It is therefore essential that you read it before any practice.